Research Funding

2024-2026 NHMRC Ideas Grant GNT2030452 (to J. B-G and M. M) 

2023-2025 NHMRC Ideas Grant GNT2019970 (to M. M and J. B-G) 

2022-2024 Tourette Association of America Young Investigator Award (to M. M) 

2021-2023 ARC Discovery Project Grant DP210102700 (to M. M and J. B-G) 

2021-2024 ARC Future Fellowship FT200100502 (to J. B-G)

2019-2021 ARC Discovery Project Grant DP190102511 (to J .B-G and M. M) 

2019-2021 NHMRC New Investigator Project Grant GNT1165990 (to J. B-G and M. M) 

2016-2019 ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award DE160101275 (to J. B-G) 

2018 UNSW Goldstar Award (to J. B-G) 

2016 UNSW Research Infrastructure Scheme to support collaborative research (J. B-G co-investigator) 

Our work is currently supported by the Australian Research Council, the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Tourette Association of America and UNSW. Click for details

All experimental procedures are approved by the Animal Care and Ethics Commitee and the Gene Technology Research Commitee at UNSW.

Except where otherwise noted, by J.Bertran-Gonzalez & M. Matamales is subject to a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.